Estate Planning
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Estate Planning

The AEPG Difference: Helping you provide the legacy you desire for future generations – and creating a secure financial future for your family.


Have you considered the financial legacy you will leave for your family and future generations? Estate planning – the accumulation, management, conservation, and transfer of assets – is a critical component of your comprehensive wealth management strategy. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals, insurance specialists, and other experts can work with you to develop an estate plan that is customized for your specific situation and ensures that your wishes are carried out.

Our estate planning process includes a review of how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death and how they should be managed in the event that you are incapacitated. We help you understand how estate taxes are calculated, provide practical advice for reducing your tax liability, and advise you on practical strategies to increase the value of your assets for future generations.

Our highly skilled and credentialed team has expertise in the use of wills, gifts, trusts, insurance, and other estate planning tools which can help you:

  • Pass on your family wealth to the next generation
  • Minimize estate taxes and probate fees
  • Provide for sufficient liquidity of assets to pay for estate settlement costs
  • Establish directions for the care of minors
  • Plan for survivor asset management
  • Plan for business succession
  • Ensure proper titling and ownership planning for real estate and other assets
  • Plan for estate distribution among beneficiaries, charities, and others according to your wishes

As a fiduciary, we put your interests first. Our independent, fee-based financial and estate planning advice can help you provide the legacy you desire and create a secure financial future for your family. 


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