Social Security Benefits Planning
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Social Security Benefits Planning

Maximizing Social Security Benefits Requires a Strategy


Maximizing Your Social Security

Decisions about when to start receiving social security benefits, especially for spouses, have become increasingly strategic and have potential long-term financial implications.

AEPG® Wealth Strategies can help you develop and implement a strategy including:

  • Maximize your family benefits
  • Determine when you should apply for Social Security
  • Understanding the possible consequences of taking an earlier, permenantly reduced benefit
  • Understand how much you can expect to receive
  • Understand Social security's three distinct benefits for married couples
  • Integrate your Social Security planning with your retirement income and distribution plan.
  • Increase your awareness of unique techniques such as "Restricted Application" and "File and Suspend."
  • Determine if you can afford to wait to claim your benefit. 
  • Consider the impact if you delay claiming benefits after your full retirement age. 
  • Coordinate the social security planning with Medicare 

Spousal benefit strategies and coordinating social security benefit decisions within the context of your financial plan are important.  It is important to keep in mind the Social Security is a retirement asset that is adjusted for inflation, is tax-advantaged, continues to pay as loan as you live, and is backed by a government promise. 

How much you receive from Social Security depends on three primary factors: 

  • Your earnings record
  • When you elect to receive your benefits
  • How long you expect to live

Calculating an expected lifetime benefit greatly depends on when you elect and strategies for spouses.  We will evaluate all 81 possible election combinations across 9 different elections strategies to help your achieve your highest lifetime benefit.

Our Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners can work with you to review the concepts and scenarios specific to your situation and assist you in making optimal retirement and spousal benefit claiming decisions.


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