Advisor On Demand®
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Advisor On Demand®

Financial advisors are available either via phone or online, as needed, to provide fundamental financial planning and investment management advice.  

Advisor On Demand

Advice may include:  

Retirement Planning – financial advice on how to achieve retirement goals, including cash flow projections, retirement account funding, mortgage refinancing, and education funding. 

Investment Management – help determine the most appropriate asset allocation & types of investments for you based on your stated goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and overall situation.  

Risk Management & Insurance – review your needs to protect you and your family in the following areas - life insurance coverage, disability insurance, long-term and home health care insurance and property & casualty Insurance (homeowner, automobile & umbrella liability coverage).             

Estate Planning – discuss estate goals to provide recommendations for your estate plan and the documents needed to help achieve these goals. Including ways to minimize estate taxes and probate fees, provide sufficient liquidity/role of life insurance, establish directions for care of minors, review titling and ownership of real estate and other assets, ensure distribution according to your wishes & review of beneficiary designations to ensure consistency with estate plan.


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