Participant Education
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Participant Education

The AEPG Difference: Educating your employees to help them achieve their retirement goals.

When you work with AEPG for your corporate retirement benefits planning and 401(k) consulting needs, we work closely with your employees to achieve their retirement goals. Education is a critical part of the process. Our experienced team offers a wide range of customized education services to meet your employees' needs and ensure that they understand the options and benefits available to them.

Our expert retirement benefits professionals and 401(k) advisors offer a variety of flexible options to ensure that your participant education program meets the specific retirement planning needs of your employees and your corporation. These include:

  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring an Education Policy Statement (EPS) that establishes and governs the educational component of your retirement plan
  • Conducting at least 2 annual employee education sessions 
  • Providing annual one-on-one employee education sessions in financial planning led by our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals; topics include investing and planning for retirement, budgeting and cash flow, insurance needs, and college education planning 


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